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long time….no blog

Well, I have been really busy.  I wish I could say that I have been busy getting important things done, but I really can’t.  Just busy with life and no time for blogging.  We had the stomach flu attack our house a week or so ago and it was absolutely horrible.  Gracie was sick with the flu for three days and was just a mess.   Ever since then she has turned into a Velcro Baby and won’t let me put her down and she hates it when I’m even close to my laptop, so no computer time for me.  We have gotten a lot of things done around the house.  We painted our living room a colonial blue, our kitchen/dining room a warm yellow and our basement “Gumball Red”.  That is now the entertainment zone and lots of fun.  We also put new, white doors on two of the closets on the main floor and have 3 more to put up.

I guess my big goal for the new year is to actually use my planner, EVERY DAY!  I bought a new, smaller one that can fit in my purse and new pages and it’s all ready to go.  I also want to start doing monthly planning for activities for the kids to do, especially ones that follow along with the church liturgical celebrations and saint feast days.  And, scrapbook more…….of course.  I counted up the number of layouts that I have completed and the number of photos I have scrapped this year and I was quite amazed.  I think it’s the most I have ever done!  I have done 119 pages and scrapped 350 photos in 2008!  I am really proud of myself for that.  I just need to get them into albums.   Plus, I want to blog more!  Now I just have to find the time to do these things!  Hopefully my new little planner will help out in that department!

Here’s our tree for this year!  I was so excited because we changed our color scheme to good, old red and white.  I LOVE it!

Christmas Tree 2008

Christmas Tree 2008

God bless!



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