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I love stumbling on signs from above. Those little things that you see that remind you that God is here. Well, this one isn’t too little of a sign so maybe I’m needing a big one to get the point across that I’ve been a little distant and need to get back on track with my faith.   Kind of like those V-9 commercials when they smack you on your head for not eating your veggies.  Things have been very hard lately and I’ve really been struggling with putting my faith in God and letting Him see me through these rocky paths I’m currently on.

Every time I drive back from my son’s school I see this piece of land. The first time I noticed it I almost drove off the road. This is out in the country, so that could have been a bad experience! The first time I saw it was before our first real snow here. I glanced over the cornfields as I was driving home and there it was.   A huge cross.  The way that the land was laying and the cut stalks of corn created it in the middle of this huge field.  After it snowed a little bit, it really showed up even better.  So one day I finally remembered to take my camera with me and after I dropped my son off one very cold and blustery morning, I stopped in the middle of the road and snapped this photo.

It’s my special cross. I think it’s there for me to see. It’s a reminder that I’m not alone. That God IS here. Even though I feel so distant from Him right now and He’s right there for me. Like always.


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the gingerbread house

More layouts to share. I have actually done 21 layouts so far this month. Something totally amazing since I didn’t scrap a single photo in 2007!

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holiday layouts

I’m working all over the place right now. I got tired of doing photos from 2004 (that’s how far behind I am) so I decided to print off December 2007 photos and scrap them a bit. So now I have photos from all over that I’m working on! It sure has been nice to scrap current photos though. Here’s Easter 2004 and Christmas 2007! Big difference in the kids, that’s for sure, not to mention the fact that we added a child too!

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I’m on a roll and it feels good!

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